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Brian ParisienFounding Partner
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Brian Parisien Photo Brian Parisien MASc, PEng
Founding Partner

Prior to starting Technology Due Diligence Inc in the fall of 2001, Brian was Director and Resource Council Chair at a Nortel Networks division where he had operational responsibility for over 200 people. With over 22 years of telecom grade technology and product R&D experience behind him, Brian brings a considerable amount of hands-on capability to the job of organizational leadership and development. In his current technology consulting business, Brian serves both investors and private technology enterprises, using a high-level systematic approach to technology development.

Brian’s career has taken him from carrier grade switching product development (DMS100 ™, CCS7, ISDN) to enterprise and wireless products and terminals (Vista ™ / PowerTouch ™). As product development prime he managed a full set of technologies and disciplines including hardware, software, ASIC, signal processing, industrial and mechanical design, user interface and customer documentation, and regulatory compliance to name a few. In addition he has led teams responsible for IP telephony services infrastructure and network infrastructure security. He has managed global R&D teams distributed across continental Europe, UK, US, and Canada, and has enjoyed consistently high employee satisfaction and retention. His leadership has promoted patent and intellectual property generation as well as earned him recognition in the form of a President’s award for Innovation and an Award of Excellence.

Brian Parisien holds Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Applied Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, and is a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario.




Nabil Alexan Photo Nabil Alexan BEng, PEng

Nabil has built over 22 years of experience in Bell Northern Research and Nortel Networks as well as at Vistar Telecommunications Inc in Ottawa. He has held a variety of senior management positions in product and systems development. His experiences include high-speed carrier data networks, wireless data, satellite communications, embedded software development and optical backbone maintenance. His more recent roles include Director of Product Operations, and Development Prime for the High Speed Program for Carrier Data Networks. Nabil has a well-rounded telecommunications experience and a proven track record in product development, product operations, project management, customer interface, and team building.

Nabil Alexan holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) with a major in Computers and Communication from McGill University in Montreal, and is a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario.


Why Us?

  • We complement the senior technology business know-how brought to bear by technology people already in the investment business by focusing on development execution capability and plans forward.
  • We bring an experienced independent technology perspective to the table.
  • We work full time in this business and have a vested interest in establishing a well regarded professional reputation.
  • We are 'feet on the street' here in the Ottawa high technology development community.
  • We know the look and feel of a winning development plan and team, and recognize the sensitivities associated with 3rd party involvement.
  • We have access to a wide base of technology expertise local to the Ottawa scene.
  • Our experience base is growing across multiple investors and enterprises in the technology community.

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