about us

We are a network of senior technology development management veterans who have first hand experience at taking a wide spectrum of technologically innovative products from concept to pre-production. We've built everything from carrier grade telecom products to consumer devices. We've managed technologies and disciplines spanning hardware, software, custom silicon, digital signal processing, industrial and mechanical design, user interface and documentation, regulatory compliance testing, and more.

Each of our associates brings anywhere from 10 to 25 years of hands on management know-how in technology development and knows a winning plan and team when they see one. We have the first hand experience on which to base a comprehensive development assessment for investors and their clients, and plenty of the right stuff to rub off onto the enterprise development teams that we work with.

We also have an extensive network of technology professionals and specialists who we can bring in for those special cases.

Why Us?

  • We complement the senior technology business know-how brought to bear by technology people already in the investment business by focusing on development execution capability and plans forward.
  • We bring an experienced independent technology perspective to the table.
  • We work full time in this business and have a vested interest in establishing a well regarded professional reputation.
  • We are 'feet on the street' here in the Ottawa high technology development community.
  • We know the look and feel of a winning development plan and team, and recognize the sensitivities associated with 3rd party involvement.
  • We have access to a wide base of technology expertise local to the Ottawa scene.
  • Our experience base is growing across multiple investors and enterprises in the technology community.

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