Complementing Business with Technology perspective:

Investors are already quite adept at filtering investment opportunities on the basis of market opportunity attractiveness and whether the business plan plays into it realistically. Once front end business due diligence has identified a winning business proposition it may be appropriate to pay some attention their ability to deliver.

Traditional business valuations can leave room for assumptions around ability to deliver. Technology know-how and intellectual property don't always translate to sound development process, management, and planning. All of this adds up to potential diminished return on investment.

So what's the problem?

Many technology businesses fail because of management, strategy, or financial issues. Others are not as successful as they could be if they did not suffer from preventable development related set-backs such as:

  • delayed introduction.
  • deferred content.
  • inability to meet regulatory requirements.
  • suboptimal performance or quality.
  • delayed cost reduction or enhancement.
Our focus is not only on preventing business failures, it is heavily weighted towards maximizing the payback multiple of the successes.

Forward Focus:

Having people with good track records for delivery on the management team of the enterprise provides assurance on the basis of past performance. Technology Due Diligence will address the robustness of the plan forward.

We have the first hand experience to:

  • Add technical value to your business due diligence process.
  • Kick start and case harden your enterprise development plan.
  • De-risk your technology investment.
  • Enhance the 'technology smartness' of your investment dollar.

Boost development performance and get off the line faster

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