Working to Investor needs:

Whether you are in the process of growing deal-flow or looking at a smaller number of larger investments, there is a greater need than ever for thorough due diligence as a critical part of the investment decision making process. Whether you are focusing on a specific sector or expanding your portfolio to new areas of technology, we can broaden the base of your technology perspective while increasing the depth of investigation in areas where you want and need it most.

For Investors who want to know:

  • Do they have what they say they do?
  • Does it do what they say it does?
  • Is the technology appropriate for the market niche they're going after?
  • How does their choice of technology compare with their competitors?
  • Are they positioned as well as they can be to de-risk their product development?

We offer:

  • A comprehensive development plan and team assessment.
  • Targeted investigations into your specific areas of technical interest.
  • Product teardown and technology assessment.
  • Product development risk management plan assessment.
  • Competitive technology analysis.
  • Independent technology support for mergers and acquisitions.
    • Confidential.
    • Avoidance of internal conflicts of interest.
  • Other technology services as per your requirements.

All technology assessments, investigations, and services are tailored to individual investor requirements.

Working to derisk your technology investment

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