Working to Technology Enterprise needs:

In order to attract the kind of funding you need to launch your business you need to be able to show to prospective investors customers who will pay for your product or service. Businesses that invest in professional help to get a proper marketing pitch together usually have a better story, a more centered product, and an easier time convincing investors to take a closer look. Once you've got the financial backing, you need to fulfill the commitments you made to investors in order to maintain your share of your business. We can bring experienced technology development know-how to your development planning so that you can show investors exactly where the money is going and what you will accomplish with it, and accelerate you onto the fast lane to revenues and profits.

For Enterprises and Start-ups who want to know:

  • Is our development partner doing all that they can to de-risk their part of our joint venture?
  • How can we de-sensitize our integration strategy to delays?
  • What can we do to minimize the impact and probability of a late recycle?
  • What does the design and construction of their product tell us about the experience and ability of that supplier to meet our needs?

We offer:

  • Development planning and support.
    • Covering eight essential aspects of development planning.
    • Built by and with your own development team leadership.
    • Reinforced ownership of plan forward where it belongs - in your enterprise.
    • Bridged to contract manufacturing and fulfillment plan and resources.
  • Product development risk mitigation and management planning tailored to your project structure.
  • Targeted investigations into specific areas of interest.
    • Product teardown and technology assessment.
    • Competitive technology analysis.
    • Development plan and Risk Management plan assessment.
  • Development Plan re-engineering support in the event of a significant change in market or business direction.
  • Independent technology support for mergers and acquisitions.
    • Confidential.
    • Avoidance of internal conflicts of interest.
  • Other technology services as per your requirements.

Enabling business success through development effectiveness

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